Describing periodontology as a field which consists the base of dental treatments may be true. We may not have any tooth decay but if there is bone loss around the teeth then we may encounter with teeth loss problem. Patients may observe the bone loss as gingiva recessions. The most important thing for preventing this situation is calculus removal. Cleaning dental calculus once in every 6 months will provide removal of bacteria that cause bone resorption. General procedures performed in periodontology content are;

-scaling (dental calculus removal)

This procedure is removal of calculus and/or plaques from mouth which are accumulated on the teeth.  Teeth and gingiva junction are damaged from the plaque  accumulation on the teeth. Scaling procedure once in every 6 months become crucial for providing this junction and maintaining it’s health.

-curettage (root planning)

This procedure is deeply removal of dental calculus located in the deep parts of gingiva under local anesthesia.

-flap operation

This procedure is cleaning of dental calculus located in the deep area by providing a sight with opening the area.