Teeth Whitening


Bleaching procedure can be performed in office (office type bleaching) and also it can be performed at home by the patient (home type bleaching). Applying office type and home type beaching methods respectively, prolongs the persistency of bleaching. Office type bleaching is performed by your dentist with applying a gel on your teeth and activating this gel with a light source. Home type bleaching is performed by the patient with putting a certain amount of special bleaching gel which is given to you by your dentist into custom made trays produced by the help of impressions. Those trays stay inside the mouth about 3-4 hours depending on the feature of the gel. Home type bleaching has less effectiveness and prolonged  application time than office type alone so this type is not preferred much by the patients.

The person should be careful about his/her diet after bleaching procedure for obtaining a successful bleaching result and maintaining the result for a long time. It is recommended that smoking, consuming coloring foods and drinks like; tea, coffee, chocolate, red vine, cherry, caramel, paste should be avoided for 2 weeks. Besides, consumption of acidic foods and drinks may cause sensitivity, consuming those kind of nutrients should be avoided. Using whitening tooth pastes after bleaching procedure may increase the duration of bleaching but tooth pastes containing abrasives may cause both discoloration and sensitivity.

Despite the bleaching procedure is perceived as a cosmetic procedure, it shouldn’t be declared that it can be used for all people and be successful for all of them. Thus bleaching should be applied by a dentist after making an evaluation and taking appropriate precautions about the patients’ mouth. 

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