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Implant Treatments 2

Monday, March 4, 2019

In dentistry, dental implants are being used more and more every day, and the demands of patients are increasing. The main reason for this is that implant treatments offer patients aesthetic and functional advantages over traditional dental treatments such as bridges, porcelain or full palates and dentures, and provide long-lasting solutions, even though the latter has not yet been proven. Another reason is the increase in the number of dentists using implant treatments.

Although the number of dentists and clinics performing implant therapies was relatively low at the beginning of my career, this number has increased dramatically over the past 13 years. The demand for implant therapies and the increase in the number of companies involved in implant trading (and the motivation of dentists by these companies to perform implant treatment) have created their own market.

 As with any market whose volume is growing and where competition is increasing, it is inevitable that with decreasing costs, there will be great differences in the quality of the material used and the workmanship. It is obvious that fluctuations in prices and quality of work will continue for a certain period of time. I think the price will stabilize over time in an acceptable price level. Even if many extremes can still be seen, an average price will arise depending on criteria such as region, doctor and implant.

What I want to talk about today, however, are the commercials and the share of reality in them. In the following, point by point, I would like to give a general answer to the question "I have heard that there is the X treatment. Do you perform that? ", which we get asked again and again by our patients.

We make implants and teeth the same day. Your teeth are ready within 24 hours. Implants today and your teeth in 3 days. 

It is possible to insert the implant and attach teeth to it as soon as the tooth is extracted. For this to be possible, however, the patient must have enough bone mass to keep our implant at least stable. Another criterion is the quality of the bone. The bone can be rock hard or spongy. Ideally, the bone is neither hard nor soft. If our implant is a primary stabilization, ie if the implant was placed at the desired strength, we can place a temporary tooth on it. It is not appropriate to immediately install permanent teeth after the implant has been inserted, as the gum will change after surgery.

Is it always a healthy and necessary procedure to place a provisional tooth? The more procedures we try to perform during surgical procedures, the higher the likelihood of complications. However, a well-planned and well-performed procedure reduces these risks to the lowest level. In my clinical approach there are two different treatments, especially where I recommend the patient provisional teeth on the implants.

It is shown in numerous publications that an implant with sufficient primary stabilization in conjunction with soft tissue transplants is a factor that increases the success of the implant and the tooth to be attached in the aesthetic sense in the long term when we work in an aesthetic area in the anterior region.

If, in totally edentulous cases, we assume that not all teeth have been extracted during the same period, then different bone conditions will occur in different parts of the mouth. In some areas we have enough bone for the implant, and in some regions we have to produce bone. In a completely edentulous patient, we must inevitably use a removable complete denture set. A loose prosthesis that presses on the gums will certainly have a negative impact on the healing of implants and bones. For this reason, I think it is preferable to use a temporary prosthesis supported by implants.

I believe that loading any implant other than these two treatments is an unnecessary and risky process.

In summary, the production of temporary teeth on the implants, with ideal volume and quality of the bone, is the method of choice.

That's all for today. I will try later to share information about other advertising slogans as a continuation of the same title. Goodbye!

Dr. Dt. Bahadır Dindar